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LEE Industries

Bringing a new standard of beauty, function, and sustainability to indoor and outdoor living.

Welcome to the LEE Family – UpCountry Home has been a proud LEE dealer for over 10 years and has witnessed LEE’s growth in customization offerings and sustainability achievements.

In 1969, LEE founders Bill and Dottie Coley set out to manufacture quality American-made furniture that they would use in their home. They opened a 7500 sq ft factory, hired 10 people, and accomplished exactly what they set out to do.

For over 49 years, LEE has held their mission to create innovative, comfortable, high-quality furnishings. As a family-operated company, they are committed to the good of their customers, associates, vendors, community, and environment.

Do you have children?
Do you have pets?
Do you love to entertain?

Live freely knowing that your upholstery is protected!

LEE offers Crypton and Sunbrella fabrics that are beautiful and easy to maintain.

Fabric Collection

Top 10 Selling Items in each Category

additional items can be found in the catalog on LEE’s website (link below)

Item #: 7822-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H36

Item #: 4800-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H37

Item #: 1074-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H37

Item #: 5392-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H36

Item #: 3583-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H35

Item #: 3972-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H36

Item #: 3163-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H35

Item #: 1573-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H35

Item #: 5381-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H35

Item #: 1935-Series
Dimensions: W0 D0 H34

Item #: 1571-03
Dimensions: W89 D40 H35

Item #: 3513-03
Dimensions: W92 D39 H35

Item #: 3068-03
Dimensions: W84 D38 H34

Item #: 5381-03
Dimensions: W91 D39 H35

Item #: 3821-03
Dimensions: W90 D38 H33

Item #: 3583-03
Dimensions: W84 D35 H35

Item #: 1180-03
Dimensions: W86 D39 H35

Item #: 3703-03
Dimensions: W90 D39 H33

Item #: 3972-03
Dimensions: W86 D40 H36

Item #: 7022-03
Dimensions: W96 D45 H33

Item #: 1011-01SW
Dimensions: W32 D37 H38

Item #: 3063-01
Dimensions: W33 D39 H35

Item #: 1033-01
Dimensions: W31 D30 H30

Item #: 3821-01SW
Dimensions: W30 D36 H33

Item #: C1935-01SW
Dimensions: W28 D32 H34

Item #: L3853-01
Dimensions: W27 D32 H33

Item #: 1931-01
Dimensions: W28 D34 H34

Item #: 1858-01
Dimensions: W30 D29 H31

Item #: L1379-01RS
Dimensions: W28 D34 H40

Item #: 1401-01SW
Dimensions: W32 D38 H32

Item #: 1591-41C
Dimensions: W25 D32 H44

Item #: L5573-01
Dimensions: W18 D23 H38

Item #: 1218-51
Dimensions: W22 D21 H34

Item #: 7750-01C
Dimensions: W22 D27 H45

Item #: L5988-01
Dimensions: W19 D22 H33

Item #: 7003-51
Dimensions: W21 D20 H39

Item #: 5473-51
Dimensions: W18 D21 H39

Item #: 5663-41
Dimensions: W25 D29 H40

Item #: L5778-01
Dimensions: W19 D23 H36

Item #: 5983-51SW
Dimensions: W18 D20 H33

Item #: 1758-00
Dimensions: W25 D22 H15

Item #: 9308-00
Dimensions: W16 D16 H18

Item #: 9679-90
Dimensions: W42 D42 H16

Item #: 9077-00C
Dimensions: W18 D18 H18

Item #: L9416-00
Dimensions: W16 D16 H21

Item #: 3583-89
Dimensions: W54 D21 H26

Item #: 9378-92
Dimensions: W42 D42 H18

Item #: 9026-90
Dimensions: W42 D42 H17

Item #: 9039-90
Dimensions: W42 D42 H17

Item #: 9229-90
Dimensions: W42 D42 H16

Item #: US116-01SW
Dimensions: W32 D37 H38

Item #: U108-00
Dimensions: W18 D18 H20

Item #: U148-15
Dimensions: W29 D72 H32

Item #: U112-01
Dimensions: W31 D34 H33

Item #: US116-03
Dimensions: W93 D37 H38

Item #: US127-08
Dimensions: W37 D37 H35

Item #: U147-24
Dimensions: W53 D58 H34

Item #: U125-10
Dimensions: W54 D23 H17

Item #: US137-03
Dimensions: W78 D35 H33

Item #: US137-01SW
Dimensions: W27 D33 H33

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