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Fabric Maintenance

Regular rotation and fluffing of the seat and back cushions are essential for the lifespan of LEE furniture. LEE recommends using a soft brush while vacuuming to remove dust. Please review the cleaning codes before cleaning the fabric, as individual cleaning codes will need different techniques and solutions to clean.

Leather Maintenance

With leather, each hide is unique and offers unique markings. These markings are not defects but rather a natural characteristic. Natural wrinkles, color imbalance, bite and scrape marks, and healed scars are all examples. To care for leather, occasionally wipe with a dry clean cloth; this will help stop dust buildup. If a spill occurs, blot the area immediately with a clean towel. If a stain lingers, use distilled water on a slightly damp cloth and blot. Before this action, pre-test on a small inconspicuous area. Once this is complete, let the leather dry naturally.

Direct sunlight will fade leather.

Slipcover Maintenance

Regular rotation of LEE’s slipcovers will help to increase their lifespan. LEE recommends using a soft brush while vacuuming to remove dust. Note how the cover is located on the item when removing to replace it the same way. The cleaning code will determine the method of cleaning, and it may be necessary to dry clean. To remove the slipcover for machine washing, take one arm off and work toward the back of the frame and then to the opposite arm. The seams of the slipcover are surged and overlocked to help block fraying. LEE recommends zipping all casings before washing. IF using a slipcover fabric that is machine washable, one may use the gentle cycle. Clean the slipcover in cold water with a mild detergent, and be cautious not to overfill the capacity of the washer. Tumble dry for around three minutes on low heat and then resume the tumble dry with the air cycle. Once cleaned, place the slipcover while slightly damp on the frame starting at the back of the structure and continue from arm to arm. Clean all parts of the slipcover to avoid any color difference.

** Multiple slipcover fabrics are not recommended for machine washing. Store the slipcover in a cool, dry area, and make sure to keep out of direct sunlight. Before storing the slipcover, wrap it in a lightweight sheet or muslin cover; this will help air circulate and keep the slipcover dust free.

Uncovered Maintenance

To care for an outdoor slipcovered item, take off the slipcover, place it in the washing machine, and use a cold temperature setting. Once clean, air dry the slipcover and recover while slightly damp. If one’s items are fully upholstered, one may spray the piece with a cleaning agent. LEE suggests that when applying the cleaning agent, use a soft bristle brush. Rinse the item with a water hose and leave it to dry naturally. LEE’s outdoor frames, constructed of sustainable birch plywood, are built to resist the outdoor elements.

Cushion Maintenance

To care for one’s cushions/inserts, LEE suggests flipping, fluffing, and regulating them.

-Flipping the cushions and throw pillows is key to keeping the inserts’ shape and extending their lifespan.

-To properly fluff, take each cushion and press along each side’s surface until the insert is worked back into shape. If the seams on the cover do not line up with the cushion’s shape, one may want to try regulating the cushion inserts.

-To regulate, unzip the cover and hold it with one hand and with the other hand, grab the front of the cushion insert and pulling in the opposite direction. This movement will shift the cushion insert.

LEE recommends using a soft brush while vacuuming to remove dust.

** Cushions and throw pillows that have down: Any seating packages that contain feathers and down will have a more relaxed appearance. Down and feathers tend to settle over time and will require maintenance to maintain their shape.